Ray Potter
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Quality whitetail and turkey hunts on rich Mississippi Valley farmland with no pressure.
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American Heritage Outfitters, LLC
Ray Potter
P.O. Box 1147
Sharon, CT 06069
(855) 626-6900
Whitetail Deer
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Professionally guided hunting trips to some of the finest hunting grounds in Illinois and Iowa located in the true Golden Triangle of the mid-west.
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The Illinois application dates are June 1 – 30, 2018. It is recommended you purchase your Archery Combo tags during that period. Illinois offers a 5 day or a full season license. I always recommend that you purchase the full season. There have been some extraordinary weather experiences in the past and having the full season license allows me to offer an extra day of hunting if I can accommodate it. This has paid off for several hunters in the past and it is my pleasure to be able to make this offer. Our Illinois property is in the Northern Zone.


You can watch Cabela’s American Archer featuring Tom Nelson and Pro Staffer Mike Sherrill in Iowa. The show is called “Early Arrival”. Mike harvests his 10 pointer in less than an hour in the stand and Tom harvests his buck by the end of the day. Ironically their hunt was not supposed to begin until the next morning.
You can watch the video here
“Early Arrival”

2018 Spring Turkey Hunting Update

This year had the worst weather we have seen in a long time. Although the whole season started a week later than normal, we had single digit temperatures during the second Youth Season. In spite of that we had two youths in. Elena (15) and Daniel (10). Their dad, Brian was doing video and friend Jerry Tepps from Pine Ridge Archery was doing the calling. Day one was 8 degrees but they stayed out all morning. Real troopers they were. Although they were in large drop zone with dozens of birds, nothing came into the decoys or the calling. Day two was a warm 15 degrees and finally a couple of jakes came into the calls. Daniel had the shot on one of them and the other held up out of range.
Press here to see the video of the harvest.
Jerry and Mike came in for season 2. Jerry had 2 tags for this season and after fly-down he filled both tags with one shot.
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Jerry's brother, Mike filled one of his tags later that morning. Unfortunately the other bird got out of Dodge before Mike could get a decent shot.
Cheryl and Larry were also back again this year and at about 9:15AM I was saying the site we were at usually gets active when the sun hits it. Not 5 minutes later three birds came into the decoy and started pecking it and then tried mounting it. Love it when that happens! Asking if them to please not shoot the decoy, Cheryl and Larry shot two birds and filled their tags by 9:20am.
Last but not least, Richie Music from Real Deal Hunting came in and was blown away by the birds around him. Although he was in at 4:30am the zipper on the blind woke up the toms in back of him. No worries, the birds cam down and put a sneek on Richie coming in from the back of the blind. Richie had a friend Kyle doing video and Kyle get a shot at the second bird.